Interactive Psychrometric Chart

The terms psychrometry and psychrometrics refer to the study of moist air and its thermodynamic properties. Whilst obviously important in the design of air-conditioning systems, these concepts are also fundamental to the understanding of many aspects of thermal comfort in buildings and the principles of climate-responsive design.

The user-friendly interface allows you to add or remove lines for various metrics, or highlight individual ones for dynamic presentations. Simplify complex comfort analyses with our app, designed to enhance understanding and promote efficient energy use.

Interesting Features

  • Users can manipulate the current indicator to see relevant values, select comfort indicators to display, and overlay the Givoni Bioclimatic Chart.
  • Users can adjust the average mean outdoor air temperature and track it based on loaded hourly weather data.
  • The application allows for loading and displaying EnergyPlus calculations and the results can be selected using the Data Axis tab.
  • The default data overlay can be changed and for grid data, users can display average, minimum, or maximum values.
  • A date range selector is available for interactive changes and users can add their own lines to the chart. Lastly, psychrometric data can be viewed and saved as either JSON or CSV files.

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Interactive Psychrometric Chart

Source: Dr. Andrew Marsh


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