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Pack Calculation Pro is an application for comparing the yearly energy consumption of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. Among other features, transcritical CO2 systems can be compared with traditional systems. The application compares different systems based on a geographical location. Pack Calculation Pro is designed to compare different system designs, control strategies and refrigerants for your refrigeration or heat pump project, by calculating yearly energy consumption, as well as Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI).

Pack Calculation Pro

Traditionally, refrigeration systems (and heat pumps) are dimensioned based on a single operating point (normally somewhere around the point where the load is highest). This approach ensures that the system will deliver the cooling (or heating) required, but it also has some drawbacks:

  • Performance in a single point does not say anything about the performance in other operating points – i.e. part load performance
  • Performance points often leads to certain “standard” operating conditions at which components are rated – and compared. The problem is that most systems never, or very seldom, run at the “standard” operating conditions, which essentially means that most components are designed and optimized for conditions rarely seen in real life (most compressors will benefit from a lower optimal pressure ratio for example…)
  • It is difficult to evaluate payback time of energy saving measures based on a full load operating condition… Often energy saving measures only shows their value at part load conditions.

These drawbacks are all addressed in Pack Calculation Pro:

  • The performance of the defined systems is evaluated every hour of the year (= 8760 operating points)
  • You can get a clear overview of how well you system actually meet the demands (load profile) that you define – but also get an overview of the part load performance
  • You can select weather data from more than 700 locations from all around the world
  • You can compare systems under the exact same load and ambient conditions, evaluating the effect of energy saving measures
  • You can compare the energy consumption of the systems, but you can also make economic calculations – Payback time and Life Cycle Costs – and compare CO2 emissions for the different systems.
  • Pack Calculation Pro contains models (based on manufacturer data) of more than 7000 commercially available compressors, which ensures that you are able to model most systems, and equally important, you get results for off-design operation which is not based on theoretical assumptions.